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SLP supports sound for Syniverse Global

POSTED BY on Nov 21 under SLP

SLP supports sound for Syniverse Global 2013 Annual International Conference

Church Sound: The Cost Of Getting It Wrong

POSTED BY on Nov 27 under SLP

Thinking of updating an antiquated church sound system? It could cost you if you aren’t properly prepared. ~From Pro Sound Web “A few weeks ago, Tim Cool from Visioneering posted a thought-provoking post of the same name (The Cost Of Getting It Wrong). It’s very good, and I suggest you go read the whole thing. […]

New Various Artist releases with Haddorff Music

POSTED BY on Jun 28 under SLP

Inner Peace – New Age – Atmospheres, Vol.6 Track 7: Blue Sands Winter Dreams 2 Track 12: Ice (Siula Grande Ascent)

Free MUSIC from SLP

POSTED BY on Apr 26 under SLP

In an effort to promote media education and progressive causes, SLP is now opening its entire music library to production groups meeting certain criteria. Music may be used in video/film production, CD releases, live events, web, classes and more. Applicable groups include, but are not limited to: Student films -thru college Charitable causes Environmental awareness […]

SLP endorses Earth Charter

POSTED BY on Aug 31 under SLP

SLP officially signs endorsement of The Earth Charter Initiative. The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. In signing, SLP has pledged to join the global partnership for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world and to work for the realization […]

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SLP music in upcoming movies…

POSTED BY on Aug 5 under SLP

We are pleased to announce the new motion pictures that will feature music from Matthew Burgher and Haddorff. Keep an eye out for these film titles: “Cordially Invited“, from Equalaris Productions “In the Shadow of the Temple“, from Pepita Productions Inc. And an unannounced Vietnam War picture from Higbee Productions, in preproduction

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