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Sound Legacy Productions, or SLP, was officially founded in 1998 by music composer Matthew Burgher to bring music production and audio services to the public. Leading a legacy of integrity, and creative expression through music is the foundation our services are built on. Since 1993, SLP has served thousands of artists and organizations worldwide, creating dozens of albums and pushed the bar of composition in hundreds of songs. SLP services have included recording engineering, producing, television & film work, sound reinforcement system design, installation and training, song-writing, musical services, and album releases among others.

SLP continues to exalt its clients, working toward creating a better community for artists. Today SLP brings high quality services to the forefront with artist and marketplace collaboration at commercial and entertainment production levels. By design, SLP seeks to stretch music and the arts to new horizons, and leave a lasting impression on generations to follow. SLP is now based in Southern California, with partner alliances on the East coast.

SLP is a proud supporter of The Earth Charter Initiative




Theater and live music venues have always held Matthews’ passion with over 20 years experience in music and sound technology. Matthew is an integral benefit to any client or organization with thousands of service hours in sound system design, installation, engineering, and musical projects. In 1998 Matthew founded his vision of Sound Legacy Productions working with fellow artists and businesses in the field to bring music production and sound services to the public. SLP services include sound system installation, live sound engineering, sound training workshops, music composing, recording and production, and the SLP music label.

Matthew plays both piano and drums professionally, having produced music in a variety of styles ranging from electronic sub-pop, to heavy metal, to classical influenced film orchestration. He has performed concerts with many artists, and his early heavy metal band was well reviewed in music publications including Metal Maniacs, and received “Best Atlanta Metal Band” for 1999. Matthew reveals some of his most intimate musical work under the name Haddorff, composing piano and orchestra based relaxation and meditation music. His music is both heartwarming and passionate, and his signature can be found in films, commercials and dozens of album and compilation releases. Charitable causes are also a priority to Matthew, with musical entertainment in hospitals, charity & community events, churches, prisons, and special care facilities, as well as music license contribution for global aid, world peace, and environmental awareness causes.

Matthew is also an experienced audio technician for live concerts, studio, and television, working with such artists as CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams. He is a Recording Engineering graduate of Atlanta’s Goldberg Studios in 1996. Matthew enjoys synthesizer and drum programming and is focusing efforts on a band project of 80’s influenced Darkwave Electronic music. Matthew lives in downtown San Diego where he owns a recording studio.


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