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Since 1993, SLP has been an integral contributor to sound design and support to music venues, events, churches and more. From studio work, to sound system assessment, installation, training, and engineering, SLP extends a passion for excellent, user-friendly sound at a competitive cost

We strive to fill our customers needs with efficiency, and through a positive experience. For quotes, or to schedule a training workshop, contact SLP

– Sample live recordings | 2-track live concert console audio feed


    • Live Sound Engineering

Pro live-event engineering from experienced technicians with attention to artists needs and audience expectations

    • Sound System Install & Upgrades

From new build-outs, to expanding system performance, SLP brings professional installation and industry standard brands to the table for small to mid sized venues. Includes pro audio gear, satellite systems, stage planning, wiring, acoustic paneling, rigging and related applications with an aesthetic appeal

    • Sound System Tuning & Maintenance

Give your audience and performers the auditory experience they crave without the plaguing noise, feedback and tonal imbalance. Properly Tuned systems can increase fidelity, intelligibility and output, without excess ear strain

    • Technical Support

Sound troubleshooting assistance, advice, and back-up stagehand support

    • Sound Training Workshops

SLP training workshops are uniquely tailored to client needs with introduction levels, up to advanced. Classes run from 2hrs, to multi-day events. Topics covered may include: live engineering, eq, compression & effects, intro to sound, advanced mixing techniques, speaker placement, room acoustics and system tuning, gain structure, power, wiring, micing techniques, monitor mixing, artist relations and more


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Various SLP clients 1993 – 2015

-note: some addresses may no longer be available

IS Fest 1993, Atlanta | Music Festival  •  event rigging and engineering

ROLC TV, Atlanta | 1993-1997 •  television broadcast, events engineering, light rigging

The Masquerade | Venue  •  events engineering, lighting engineering

The Pterodactyl | Venue  •  event engineering & tech support

The Strand Theatre | Venue  •  event engineering, lighting engineering

WREK Radio | 91.1 FM Atlanta | 1998-2000  •  live band broadcast engineering support

Synergy, Atlanta | Rave Event  •  sound system install and calibration, light rigging, event planning & engineering

The Vineyard | Venue | 1998-2002 •  multiple installs – sound/projection/light rigging, training seminars, equipment repairs, events engineering

AIDS Walk, Atlanta •  event rigging and engineering

The Mad Hadder, Atlanta | Rave Eventsound system calibration, light rigging, event planning & engineering

Marietta Vineyard •  events engineering & tech support

WATC TV, Atlanta | 1998-1999 •  upgrades & installs, in-house system calibration, events engineering, equipment repairs, training, television broadcast audio engineering, light rigging, set/stage planning

Brunswick Lanes •  sound system calibration, events rigging and engineering

Campbellsville Vineyard •  sound system calibration, events engineering, training and system support

Grace Fellowship •  events engineering and system support

Vale of Aylesbury Vineyard, UK •  sound system rigging, event engineering and system support

Atlanta Fest | Music Festival  •  lighting support

Crossview Church •  sound system calibration, events engineering and system support

Trinity Vineyard •  sound system & projection install & calibration, equipment repairs, events engineering, system support, acoustic treatment

Swayze’s Venue •  events engineering and system support

Foothills Community Church •  sound system calibration, equipment repairs, events engineering and system support

The Dwelling Place •  sound system calibration, events engineering and system support

106 West | Venue  •  sound system install & calibration, equipment repairs, training and events engineering

The West Venue •  sound system calibration, equipment repairs, events engineering, training and system support

The Celebration Center | Venue & Multifunction | 2008-2013 •  two building installs & upgrades – custom floor-to-ceiling line source columns, sound/projection/CCTV/lighting system/acoustic treatment, equipment repairs, events engineering

Exceed Potential Workshops •  events tech support

San Giorgio Lucano Karaoke Restaurant •  sound system calibration, training and system support

NAMM, CA •  vendor tech support

Finding Your Voice Concerts | 2009-2013 •  sound system & light rigging, events engineering

School of Rock Concerts • events engineering & tech support

Colonial Woods Church •  sound system calibration, training and system support

Celebration Cabaret Events | 2010-2012 •  events light system rigging, events engineering

Club 80’s | 2010-2012 •  sound system rigging & calibration, events engineering

Klub TherapyKlubs Events | 2010-2012 •  sound & light system rigging & calibration, events planning & engineering

Superstar! •  events light system rigging, events engineering

Speak for Success | Graduation Events  •  sound & light system engineering

Kids Care | “12:11:10 Countdown to End Hunger”  •  event tech support

The Vagina Monologues, San Diego •  sound rigging & tech support

Deepak Chopra | Conference •  event sound/projection/lighting rigging & calibration, event tech support

Cabaret Under the Stars •  event sound & light system rigging, event engineering

Universal Spirit Center •  sound install, system calibration, equipment repairs, training and system support

GAPzip Seminars •  events engineering & tech support

Dorothy Darling | concerts • live recording engineering, events engineering

JG Music • live recordings engineering, events engineering

Bruno Mars Live • event sound system rigging

LED Presents: Tramps Like Us | Rave Event • event sound system rigging

Mobile Innovations Exchange with Syniverse Global 2013 | Annual International Conference • event sound system rigging, event engineering

ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting 2013 | San Diego Convention Center • event sound/projection/lighting rigging, event engineering & tech support

IBM – Rational Systems and Software Engineering Symposium 2014 • event sound/projection rigging, engineering & tech support

USS Ronald Reagan CPO Dining Out 2014 • event sound/projection engineering & tech support

SDSU Pre-Health Conference 2014 • event sound/projection rigging, engineering & tech support

CCAE State Conference 2014 • event sound/projection rigging, engineering & tech support

NAFIC 64th Annual Conference 2014 • event sound/projection rigging, engineering & tech support

The Children’s School Annual Charity Auction 2014 • event sound/projection engineering & tech support

Chubb Group  Continuing Education Conference 2014 • event sound/projection engineering & tech support

VAVFAC – RITS 2014 • event sound/projection tech support

Mega Rust 2014 • event sound/projection engineering & tech support

Fran LoskotaChrist Memorial 2014 • event sound engineering

Navy IDC Conference 2014 • event sound/projection engineering & tech support

National Bicycle Tourism Conference 2014 • event tech support

San Diego Watercolor Society | 2014-2015 monthly meetings • events sound/projection rigging, engineering & tech support

CCIS Conference 2014 • events sound/projection rigging & tech support

MAT Express 30th Anniversary Conference 2015 • events sound/projection rigging & tech support

SANDAG – Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Conference 2015 • events sound/projection & tech support

San Diego Arts and Culture Press Release Meeting 2015 • event sound rigging, engineering & tech support

Episcopal Diocese Western Conference 2015 • events sound/projection & tech support

NAVFAC – RITS 2015 • events sound/projection & tech support

2015 Breakthrough Performance Workshop Concerts • event sound rigging, engineering & tech support



Various artists SLP has worked with

CeCe Winans

Bruno Mars

Guy Fieri

Andrea Marcovicci  “Queen of Cabaret” (Actor)

Yolanda Adams

Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Rickie Byars Beckwith

Dr. Michael Beckwith (The Secret)

Deepak Chopra

Michael Knott (L.S.U.)

Further Seems Forever

Rebecca Jade

Amelia Browning

The Needemann Brothers

Emily Bergl (Actor)

Miss Georgia – Kim Hardee (Gravel)

Babbie Mason

Scott Albert (Klayton)  (Celldweller)

Peggy Lebo

Jars of Clay

David Odom

Jai Uttal

Whitney Shay

East West

Cheri Blair (Speaker)


Krishna Das

Rob McDonald

Gino Walker

Ms. Silky Sol – “The Red Afroqueen”


Gia Ciambotti

Marie D. Jones (Author-Speaker)


Dominique Toney

Natasha Prantil

David Neal

Mary Alice Braukman (Artist)


Angel Travis

Daniel Paul

Jerry Pilato

Jean Haner (Author-Speaker)

Marianne Lewis

Judy Rogers

Tara Leigh Cobble

Third Day

JD Crawford

Ray Davis

Francesa Amari

Sharon Harvey

Nadine Risha

Kenie Bruns (Speaker)

Gary Lynn Floyd

7/10 Split

The Yes Team

Todd Schroeder

David Murray

Ahmon’dra McClendon (Author-Speaker)

Sarah Tollerson & The Very Big Fantastic

Edith Willey

Allison Adams Tucker

Robbie “Trumpet” Smith

Poured Out Like Wine

Rev. Michael Dowd (Author)

Mama Christy

James Woodward


John Maguir (Speaker)

The Waiting

Jodie Hill

Judy Ann Foster (Speaker)

Skip Lawrence (Painter)

Betty Ginsberg Anderson


Squad Five-O

Andrew Pettit

Arnae Batson

Russ Lorenson

Paul Kimbarow (Sha Na Na)

Kelly Park

Larisa Stow

Faith Rivera

Julie Gilbert Pollard (Painter)

Gilmore Rizzo

Watershed Red


Charles Holt

Sharon Harvey


Rebecca Jade


Tina Malia

Ishmael Tetteh (Author-Speaker)

Steven Brinberg (Simply Barbra)

Jean Houston (Author-Speaker)

Eliot Sloan (Blessid Union of Souls)

Debbie Voltura

Ester Nicholson (Author-Speaker)

Bob Mathes

Lynn Willard

Leslie Frontz (Painter)

Tom Bishop

Andrea Sperling

Brenda Swenson (Painter)

Melissa Lewis

Adrienne Nims

Karl Anthony

Jen Knight

Troy Jennings

Jan Ledbetter (Painter)

Dominique Toney

They Sang as They Slew

Janet Hammer

Jennifer Russell


Arnoux Goran (Author-Speaker)

Edwene Gaines (Author-Speaker)

Rear Admiral Leendert “Len” Hering

Dr. Kenn Gordon (Speaker, ICSL President)

Melissa Suzanne

Ken Goldman (Artist)

Gerren Fish and The Electric Eels

Waving at Strangers

SpudgunWorld Against WorldOrchristThe Souls UnrestRoyal Thunder

4 & 20 BlackbirdsThe Josephine KnotThe Thundering Hoofbeats

Taking Lottie Home

238 (Discover America)



Various organizations SLP has worked with

New York University


United Nations


Sony Playstation



XETV San Diego 6

KUSI News San Diego

Taylor Guitars


PSAV Presentation Services

Projection Video Services Inc

PSS Production Support Services

Marriott Resorts

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Starwood Hotels & Resorts


Recruit Military

National Human Genome Research Institute

GE Aviation

Japan Airlines

ATI Applied Technologies


California Association of Highway Patrolmen

Cerritos Community College



RAITH Nanofabrication

National Institutes of Health

US Department of Health and Human Services

Center for Sustainable Energy

MACCC – Music Association of California Community Colleges

NMC Norfolk – CAT

DHP Corporate Video

Vario Productions

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Theatrical Union – Local 122

San Diego Airport Authority

San Diego Tourism Authority

San Diego Watercolor Society

San Diego District Attorney

San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition

San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

The San Diego Foundation

San Diego Legal Secretaries Association

PM ProductionZ

Anschutz Entertainment Group

International College of Dentists

The Spa Connection

Live Well San Diego

NTC Foundation

Lioness Media

California Council for Adult Education



Evans Resorts

Ascent Real Estate

Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education

John Deere


Gary Institute

Maktive Event Production

BBII Enterprises Group

Dow Chemical Co


Bayer Co


SANDAG San Diego Association of Governments

American Audio Visual Center Inc


Owens Valley Career Development Center

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

The Burden Film

Amee Bay

The Thursday Club

Himalayan Heritage

ASNE – American Society of Naval Engineers

CAT Solar Turbines

Convivio Society

Bollotta Entertainment

Cast & Crew Event Services

LMG Show Technology

Pollard Management

Barefoot Creative Films

Luxe Hotels

Kaplan Financial

Klark Proposal Software

Jacobs Engineering Group

San Diego Youth Services

School of Rock

The Nonprofit Centers Network

Pepita Productions

Milwaukee Public Museum

Paizo Publishing

Edith Willey Consulting Group

ACUI – Women’s Leadership Institute

Camden County College


Women’s Wisdom

M. V. Hansen & Associates

Syniverse Global

GC Civic Center

Gwinnett Performing Arts Center

WREK Radio

KSL Resorts

Cabaret Diva

Alternate Mode

Lucia Financial

Missing Link Studios


Darling Entertainment

Innerspace Design Inc

Total Health Mastery

The Kinesiology Institute

Mira Model School

Golden Hill School of Music

Equalaris Productions

Higbee Productions

HollyHills Group

Heritage Healthcare



What people are saying

  • “Bollotta Entertainment has worked throughout Southern California, but there has been no one better providing sound than Sound Legacy Productions. Matthew can make anyone sound good!”

Anthony Bollotta – President, Bollotta Entertainment

  • “Thank You Matthew, the sound was outstanding!!” ~ 2014 concert

Rickie Byars Beckwith – Music and Arts Director, Agape International

  • “We have had an incredible experience with the AV…have never had as good of an experience anywhere else!!” ~ 2015 Optical Terahertz Science & Technology Conference

UCSD – University of California, San Diego

  • “I have truly enjoyed having Matthew handle the sound during my live performances.  As a professional singer, sound is everything! Matthew is efficient, accurate, and most importantly cares about creating that perfect auditory experience for the audience AND for the artist!  Thank you!”

Melissa Suzanne – Recording Artist

  • “Wow, what a cool gig for the students!…it was a great experience for all…killer monitors and sound system along with a sound person that knows what they’re doing…Thank you for giving this experience to my students. You RAWK!” ~ 2009 concert

Ron Weaver – Director, School of Rock

  • “I would have no other person doing sound for my San Diego shows than Matthew.”

Peggy Lebo – Singer/Songwriter

  • “…the sound has been awesome… the quality is significantly improved! And I am loving it!” ~ 2012 sound install

DevaVani Cooper – Music Director, Universal Spirit Center

  • “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your part in making the First Annual Valentine’s Love Fest the amazing success that it was!” ~ 2013 Darling Entertainment concert

Dorothy Darling – Darling Entertainment


Excellence in Customer Service Since 1998

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